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Ecology Link undertake aquatic and terrestrial invertebrate assessments across a range of habitats.

This has included species assessment; as part of a wider cliff stabilisation programme along the beach section of the Clacton to New Holland coastline; Kent Marshes; and a range of smaller development sites holding open mosaic habitats on former industrial land.

View of Clacton embankment

Appendix 1: Location Map of section of embankment surveyed (Google Maps)

Pre-development scoping

Assessments are often completed or mandatory as part of pre-development scoping, particularly former industrial sites, which can provide high species diversity within open mosaic transitional habitats.

Large scale assessments

Large scale assessments have included two infrastructure projects in north Kent. This has involved repeated sampling of a range of grassland woodland and scrub habitats, including SSSI coastal grasslands and associated ditches. All identification work is undertaken or corroborated by specialists in both aquatic and terrestrial groups.  

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