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Ecology Link was commissioned by LSI Architects to undertake an initial tree survey under British Standard 5837 (2012) Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction.

Constraints map

St Martha’s constraints map

Effective use of time

This was undertaken in conjunction with an extended Phase 1 Habitat survey within the grounds of St Martha’s School. The combination of these two surveys allowed an effective use of time, whilst providing key baseline information to support project design at an early stage.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Trees were generally in good condition, showing regular maintenance, typical of schools and public sites. Due to the development proposals for the site, a number of smaller trees had been identified for removal. Tree removal and protection was evaluated under an Arboricultural Impact Assessment. This provided options for ‘no dig’ construction of new internal roads and parking areas, close to a line of mature trees. The use of Cellular Confinement Systems was recommended to ensure the protection of the trees where work may impact within Root Protection Areas.

St Martha’s boundary tree line

St Martha’s boundary tree line

New development retains established tree planting

St Martha’s playground tree

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